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Convert True Type fonts into EOT, SVG, and WOFF files
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The idea behind Free Font Converter is to provide you with a simple and straightforward conversion tool to transform TTF (TrueType Font) files into other font-related standards, such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), EOT (Embedded OpenType), and WOFF (Web Open Font Format) files.

TrueType fonts are the de facto standard for Windows-based platforms, and they are usually the types of files that you will find in the fonts folder on your PC. OpenType fonts are used in documents where scalability without loss of quality is required (such as in an e-book) and EOT files (the ones supported by this tool) were designed to be embedded on web pages, though only Microsoft browsers support it. Though TTF files can also be used to create web pages and to produce EPUB or MOBI files, TTF files compressed and delivered in a WOFF container are the ones that the W3C recommends to web content creators.

Free Font Converter has been devised to convert your TTF files into EOT or WOFF files, as well as SVG, to cover smartphones and a number of other Web browsers. The problem is that it won’t work. Despite its promising clear interface, where all you need to do is load as many TTF files as you need and select an output format among the three supported, all the different conversion tasks performed during the test with different font files stored in various hard disks and storage devices in different computers failed to succeed. It is a pity that such a program, being free and so easy to use, fails to deliver the expected results.

Francisco Martínez
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  • All conversion tasks fail to work
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